Install UniFi Controller on Raspberry Pi

Yes! I have discovered that it is possible to install the UniFi controller on a Raspberry Pi computer. To get started, you will need:

  • A Raspberry Pi, fully configured with the Raspbian OS
  • The latest version of the UniFi software for Linux (currently 3.2.10)

The installation procedure has already been written, and I feel no need to duplicate it.

I have fully tested Erik's procedure on a Raspberry Pi 2 with UniFi software 3.2.10. It works very well, including the configuration to have the controller start automatically on boot. I have heard that backup/restore of UniFi settings does not work in the Linux software, but replacing the data directory (/opt/UniFi/data) has the same effect.

Power wise, a Raspberry Pi 2 is fully capable of managing a healthy crowd of wireless access points. We have one that is managing about 25 of them, and the Pi's processor and temperature stay within normal operating ranges.