DoubleCheck Mail Scrubber


DoubleCheck by eFolder is an email scrubbing and spam filtering service offered by Mi-Tec Computer Solutions in our security packages. DoubleCheck works to ensure that the email that arrives at your inbox is cleaned and cannot harm your computer. It also makes sure that email that you send to others is safe. It deletes spam while letting through the important stuff.

DoubleCheck uses a multi-layered filtering process to clean incoming email. Over time, it learns your emailing habits—senders, recipients, and patterns—to minimize errors. The user has input in this process, and can tell the system what is spam and what is not. At the bottom of each email you receive, you will see a feedback bar, with an option to mark the email as spam. The DoubleCheck system includes a web-based console where quarantined emails can be managed, and sent through when appropriate.

Training DoubleCheck

If an email arrives in your inbox that you don’t like, scroll down to the bottom of the email and click the link that says “This is SPAM.” DoubleCheck will make a note of this. When you repeat this process often enough, DoubleCheck will learn what your spam looks like, and get more effective at filtering it out.