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You have probably heard about the large number of malicious files circulating through email these days, including the Cryptolocker ransomeware. It has become unsafe to receive files with certain exensions (such as .zip, .exe, and .bat) through email.

Mi-Tec is taking steps to ensure that your computer doesn't pick up one of these nasties. One of the methods we use is email filtering. If you subscribe to one of our security packages, you will no longer be able to send or receive files with those dangerous file extensions. This filter does not affect other filetypes such as .doc, .xls, and .pdf.

But what if you have a legitimate need to send or receive, say, a .zip file? We understand that you need a method for doing this, and we need to ensure that the person you send the file to won't delete it or have their mail system block it.

We suggest using secure SendItBetter, a service of LOGICnow software.

Mi-Tec's SendItBetter Web Portal

If you, or the person you have asked to send you a file, need some extra help getting started, we have created a how-to video on YouTube to assist you: